Tai Chi Sword Qigong

Focus: Qi Circulation & Meridians (All Levels Welcome)

TCM Time Course | Saturdays 11:30AM-12:30PM EST | 7-week course | January 16th-February 27th, 2021

  • Tai Chi Sword is practiced to achieve higher and more profound levels of Qi.
  • In fact, the theory of Tai Chi Sword is much deeper than that of barehand Taijiquan.
  • The techniques are consequently also more difficult to train and master.
  • An ancient Chinese martial arts proverb says: "It takes 100 days to master barehand, 1,000 days the spear, 10,000 days the sword.
  • The Tai Chi Sword Qigong set will be trained in this class as a preparation for the Tai Chi Sword Sequence in future classes.
  • Students will be introduced to the classical Yang Style Tai Chi Sword (楊氏太極劍, yángshì tàijíjiàn) form, which consists of 54 movements.
  • A sword will not be necessary for this class, but it can be helpful to order a wooden or metal sword for future classes
  • Recommendation: Wood Training Sword | YMAA - https://ymaa.com/publishing/training-equipment/wood-training-sword

Qi Circulation:

  • Governing Vessel
  • Conception Vessel
  • 12 Primary Meridians


  • Wuji Breathing (Dan Tian)
  • Lao Gong Breathing (Pericardium PC-8)
  • Yong Quan Breathing (Kidney KI-1)
  • Four Gates Breathing (PC-8 & KI-1)
  • Secret Sword Breathing (Pericardium & Large Intestine Channels)

Tai Chi Sword Qigong Set:

  • 1. Tai Chi Peng with Secret Sword
  • 2. Tai Chi Peng with Secret Sword Coil and Turn
  • 3. Sink the Qi to the Dan Tian
  • 4. Left and Right Expand the Bow (Push the Mountain)
  • 5. Left and Right Coil and Turn
  • 6. Arc the Arms for Embracing (Eagle Attacks Its Prey)
  • 7. Double Fingers Point Forward
  • 8. Forward and Backward Coil and Turn
  • 9. Upward and Downward Yin and Yang
  • 10. Fairy Points the Way

Course Details:

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Tai Chi Sword Sequence Courses

Sharpen your mind and achieve higher levels of Qi with these 54 movements of the Yang Style Tai Chi Sword Sequence

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Course 1:
Tai Chi Sword Qigong—Qi Circulation

TCM Time Course | Tai Chi Sword Sequence
January-February 2021 (7 weeks)
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