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Tai Chi Sequence—1st Part Series

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Tai Chi Courses

Relax your body and improve your breathing & mental focus with Yang Style Tai Chi Sequence, Tai Chi Ball, Tai Chi Silk Reeling and Tai Chi Sword, Saber & Staff

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Tai Chi Sequence Series

Yang Style Tai Chi Sequence—108 movements is well-known for relaxation and many health benefits

Tai Chi 1st Part

Improve breathing and coordination with 22 movements

Tai Chi 2nd Part

Increase flexibility and balance with 41 movements

Tai Chi 3rd Part

Improve focus and Qi circulation with 50 movements

Other Tai Chi Series

Tai Chi Staff

Develop a basis for all long weapons with staff techniques

Tai Chi Saber

Build a foundation for all short weapons with 32 movements

Tai Chi Sword

Sharpen your mind and raise your spirit with 54 movements