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Qigong Courses

Cultivate your energy and develop body, mind & spirit connection with Medical Qigong for health & healing as well as other Qigong sets

Medical Qigong Courses

Medical Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese energetic medicine for health and healing

4 Seasons
Medical Qigong

Naturally adapt your body through the four seasons to stay healthy

5 Animal Sports
Medical Qigong

Bring out your natural instincts imitating five fun animal frolics

8 Brocades
Medical Qigong

Increase your energy to radiate like a shining and beautiful brocade

Other Qigong Courses


Promote energy flow with meridian health and acupressure massage

White Crane
Soft Qigong

Strengthen your lungs and immunity with soft graceful movements

White Crane
Hard Qigong

Increase your power and build your muscles, tendons and ligaments