White Crane Kung Fu

Focus: Bridge Hands & White Crane Hard Qigong (All Levels Welcome)

TCM Time Course | April 11th-May 23rd, 2021 | 7-week course | Sundays 1:00-2:00PM EDT*
*Class will start 1.5 hours earlier Sunday April 25th 11:30AM-12:30PM EDT to accommodate for Dr. Yang Webinar Healing Qigong: Hypertension

  • Learn Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu) to understand martial appications in Tai Chi practice and fighting illnesses in Medical Qigong
  • Southern Shaolin White Crane is a soft-hard style specializing in middle to short-range fighting and handwork
  • Practice barehand exercises traditionally designed to train specific blocks and strikes in a 2-person set called Pan Shou or "Bridge Hands".
  • Build self-confidence and develop your body awareness
  • Increase your physical power and mental focus
  • Strengthen your body muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Boost your spirits, energy and immune system

Grand Circulation Qigong & Breathing:

  • Wuji Breathing (Dan Tian)
  • Lao Gong Breathing (Pericardium PC-8)
  • Yong Quan Breathing (Kidney KI-1)
  • Four Gates Breathing (PC-8 & KI-1)
  • Reverse Abdominal Breathing (Daoist Breathing)

White Crane Pan Shou (Bridge Hands) - Level 1 Exercises:

  • 1. Single Low Cover Hand
  • 2. Double Low Cover Hand
  • 3. Left and Right Intercepting Hand
  • 4. Left, Right, and Low Intercepting Hand
  • 5. Upper Neutralizing Hand

White Crane Hard Qigong Exercises (Fist Set Routine):

  • 1. Extend Both Arms Forward
  • 2. Left and Right Bending the Bow
  • 3. Press Downward and Drill Forward
  • 4. Left and Right Bump
  • 5. Linking Cannon Fist
  • 6. Double Arms Arcing and Embracing
  • 7. Feudal Lord Pulling the Bow
  • 8. Left and Right Arcing the Wings
  • 9. Up and Down Drilling Fist
  • 10. Left and Right Downward Fist
  • 11. Forward Arcing and Backward Pushing
  • 12. White Crane Softens Its Body

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White Crane Bridge Hands Courses

Learn Shaolin White Crane barehand exercises traditionally designed to train specific blocks and strikes in a 2-person set call Pan Shou (盤手, pánshǒu) or “Bridge Hands”.

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Course 1:
Bridge Hands & White Crane Hard Qigong (Fist Set)

TCM Time Course | White Crane Bridge Hands
April-May 2021 (7 weeks)
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