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Kung Fu Courses

Build self-confidence and increase your body strength & agility with Traditional Chinese Martial Arts — Shaolin Long Fist & White Crane Kung Fu

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White Crane Kung Fu Series

Southern Shaolin White Crane is a soft-hard style specializing in mid- to short-range combat & handwork

White Crane
Bridge Hands

Two-person training sets for specific blocks and strikes

White Crane Barehand

Basic sequences to build techniques and power manifestation

White Crane

Weapons training for staff, double rods and sai sequences

Long Fist Kung Fu Series

Northern Shaolin Long Fist is a hard style specializing in mid- to long-range combat, kicking & legwork

Long Fist

Fundamentals for proper techniques, stances, punches and kicks

Long Fist

Solo, partner drills and martial applications of the staff sequences

Long Fist

Traditionally trained as the first short weapon in Chinese martial arts

Long Fist

Perfecting the sword requires the highest of skill and commitment