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Regular classes to build your skills and improve your health for beginners as well as the committed student

Medical Qigong Courses

Medical Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese energetic medicine used either as a primary or adjunct treatment in traditional Chinese medicine, along with acupuncture, herbs, and medical massage

4 Seasons
Medical Qigong

A traditional medical Qigong practice that will help your body naturally adapt through the four seasons to stay healthy and prevent illnesses

5 Animal Sports
Medical Qigong

A popular set of medical Qigong exercises that will bring out your natural instincts imitating five animal frolics to keep healthy and have fun

8 Pieces of Brocade
Medical Qigong

A simple yet effective set of medical Qigong exercises that will help you strengthen your health to radiate like a brocade shining beautifully

Tai Chi Sequence Courses

Yang Style Tai Chi (Traditional Long Form—108 movements) is well-known for relaxation and numerous health benefits that include gentle stretching and strengthening movements

Tai Chi Sequence—
1st Part

The 1st part of Yang style Tai Chi sequence consists of 22 movements that will help you improve your breathing and coordination

Tai Chi Sequence—
2nd Part

The 2nd part of Yang style Tai Chi sequence consists of 41 movements that will help you increase your flexibility and balance

Tai Chi Sequence—
3rd Part

The 3rd part of Yang style Tai Chi sequence consists of 50 movements that will help you promote circulation and develop a meditative mind

Other Courses

Includes traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong and Tai Chi as well as Chinese martial arts.

White Crane
Soft Qigong

Open your waist, spine and chest plus strengthen your lungs and immune system with the soft graceful movements of the white crane

Tai Chi Ball

Boost your immune system and build a stronger core through developing your body connection to the ball circling, rotating & coiling movements

Tai Chi Sword—

Strengthen your body, sharpen your mind and raise your spirit with the 54 movements of the sword form to cultivate higher levels of Qi

Future Topics:

Tai Chi Silk Reeling: Yin-Yang Symbol

Tai Chi Qigong (Primary, Coiling, Rocking Sets)

White Crane Hard Qigong

Meridian Qigong


Yang-Style Taiji Sword/Saber

Tai Chi Pushing Hands

Tai Chi 13 Postures

Kung Fu (Long Fist & White Crane Styles)