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Introduction—8 Pieces of Brocade Medical Qigong

TCM Time Course
Saturdays 10:15-11:15AM (EDT) | 5-week course | May 2nd-30th | 2020
  • Learn a simple yet effective set of Medical Qigong exercises
  • Keep your body healthy and Qi (energy) circulating in just 10 to 20 minutes a day
  • A "brocade" is a shining and beautiful cloth—practicing these exercises regularly and correctly is as if you add a shining and beautiful life force to protect your body
  • Accredited to Marshal Yue Fei for improving the health of his soldiers
  • Theory will be introduced as well as the standing and sitting sets

Week 1: Standing Set (1st to 4th Pieces)

  • Introduction and Health Benefits
  • 1st Standing Piece: Double Hands Hold up the Heavens
  • 2nd Standing Piece: Left Right Open Bow (Shoot the Hawk)
  • 3rd Standing Piece: Separate Heaven and Earth
  • 4th Standing Piece: Turn and Look Behind (5 Weaknesses and Seven Injuries)

Week 2: Standing Set (5th to 8th Pieces)

  • 5th Standing Piece: Sway the Head and Swing the Tail
  • 6th Standing Piece: Two Hands Hold the Feet
  • 7th Standing Piece: Punching with Angry Eyes
  • 8th Standing Piece: Seven Bounces of the Heels and Hundred Illnesses Disappear

Week 3: Sitting Set (1st to 4th Pieces)

  • 1st Sitting Piece: Close Eyes and Sit Still
  • 2nd Sitting Piece: Hands Hold Head
  • 3rd Sitting Piece: Knock and Beat the Jade Pillow
  • 4th Sitting Piece: Lightly Swing the Sky Post (Turn the Head Repeatedly)

Week 4: Sitting Set (5th to 8th Pieces)

  • 5th Sitting Piece: Push and Massage Kidney Shu BL-23 (Essence Door)
  • 6th Sitting Piece: Left and Right Windlass (Hands Turn Double Wheel)
  • 7th Sitting Piece: Lift, Press, and Hold the Feet
  • 8th Sitting Piece: Entire Sky Slow Transportation

Week 5: Review

  • Review of Standing and Sitting Sets
  • Conclusion and Health Benefits

Introduction—5 Animal Sports Medical Qigong

TCM Time Course
Saturdays 11:30-12:30PM (EDT) | 5-week course | May 2nd-30th | 2020
  • Learn one of the most fun and popular sets of Medical Qigong exercises
  • Imitate natural movements of 5 animals to benefit your health and reduce stress
  • Accredited to the legendary doctor Hua Tou—aka the father of Chinese Medicine
  • A perfect family time to keep both parents and children happy and healthy
  • Note: Select movements of each animal will be focused on in detail*

Week 1: Energize your body with the Tiger (Liver Health)

  • 1. Tiger Searching*
  • 2. Tiger Clawing
  • 3. Tiger Pouncing*
  • 4. Tiger Piercing
  • 5. Tiger Revolving*

Week 2: Stretch your back with the Deer (Kidney Health)

  • 1. Deer Rising*
  • 2. Deer Stretching
  • 3. Deer Running
  • 4. Deer Ramming*
  • 5. Deer Entwining*

Week 3: Feel your power with the Bear (Spleen Health)

  • 1. Bear Swaying*
  • 2. Bear Pushing
  • 3. Bear Bumping*
  • 4. Bear Walking*
  • 5. Bear Hanging

Week 4: Laugh and release with the Monkey (Heart Health)

  • 1. Monkey Turning*
  • 2. Monkey Picking*
  • 3. Monkey Rubbing
  • 4. Monkey Scratching
  • 5. Monkey Spitting*

Week 5: Fly and breathe freely with the Bird (Lung Health)

  • 1. Bird Flapping*
  • 2. Bird Gazing
  • 3. Bird Taking-off
  • 4. Bird Soaring*
  • 5. Bird Landing*

Introduction—Tai Chi Sequence—First Part

TCM Time Course
Saturdays 12:45-1:45PM (EDT) | 5-week course | May 2nd-30th | 2020
  • Learn to calm your mind and relax your body with Tai Chi
  • Practice gentle breathing, stretching and strengthening movements
  • Improve your flexibility and balance as well as your mood and sleep
  • The Yang Style Tai Chi Sequence (Traditional Long Form—108 movements) is commonly practiced for relaxation and numerous health benefits
  • You will learn the complete first part of the form which comprises 22 movements

Week 1: Tai Chi 13 Postures (Peng) and Movements 1-3

  • Introduction and Tai Chi 13 Postures (Peng)
  • 1. Beginning Taiji
  • 2. Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail: Right
  • 3. Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail: Left

Week 2: Movements 4-7

  • 4. Ward off (Peng)
  • 5. Rollback (Lu)
  • 6. Press (Ji)
  • 7. Push Forward (An)

Week 3: Movements 8-10

  • 8. Single Whip
  • 9. Lift Hands to the Up Posture
  • 10. The Crane Spreads Its Wings

Week 4: Movements 11-17

  • 11. Brush Knee and Step Forward: Left
  • 12. Play the Guitar
  • 13. Twist Body, Brush Knee and Step Forward: Left
  • 14. Twist Body, Brush Knee and Step Forward: Right
  • 15. Twist Body, Brush Knee and Step Forward: Left
  • 16. Play the Guitar
  • 17. Twist Body, Brush Knee and Step Forward: Left

Week 5: Movements 18-22

  • 18. Twist Body and Circle the Fist
  • 19. Step Forward, Deflect Downward, Parry and Punch
  • 20. Seal Tightly
  • 21. Embrace the Tiger and Return to the Mountain
  • 22. Close Taiji
  • Conclusion and Review Complete First Part

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