Long Fist Kung Fu
Future Topics

  • Chin Na (Seize and Control Joint-Locking)
  • Tan Twe (Spring Legs)
  • Kicking Combos & Matching Practice
  • Shuai Jiao (Short Defense Takedowns)
  • Dagger Defense
  • Lian Bu Quan (Continuous Stepping Sequence)
  • Gong Li Quan (The Power Sequence)
  • Yi Lu Mai Fu (The First Way of Ambush)
  • Er Lu Mai Fu (The Second Way of Ambush)
  • Xiao Hu Yan (Tiger Roar Sequence)
  • Shi Zi Tang (Cross-Shaped Trip)
  • Beng Bu (Forceful Stepping)
  • San Lu Pao (Three Ways of Running)
  • Tai Zu Chang Quan (Tai Zu Long Fist)
  • Si Lu Cha Quan (The Fourth Way of Cha's Fist)
  • Si Lu Ben Za (Four Ways of Running and Smashing)
  • Kun Wu Gun (Kun Wu Staff)
  • Qi Xing Dao (Seven Star Saber)
  • Ba Gua Dao (Eight Trigrams Saber)
  • San Cai Jian (Three Powers Sword)
  • San Cai Dui Jian (Three Powers Sword Matching)
  • Kun Wu Jian (Kun Wu Sword)
  • Qi Men Jian (Qi Family Sword)
  • Er Lu Qiang (The Second Way of Spear)
  • Dan Dao Dui Qiang (Single Saber vs. Spear)

White Crane Kung Fu
Future Topics

  • Shang Xia Zhi (Upper and Lower Limbs)
  • Qi Mei Gun (Equal Eyebrow Staff)
  • Qi Mei Dui Gun (Eyebrow Staff Matching)
  • Kong Shou Dui Gun (Barehand vs. Staff)
  • Shuang Jian (Double Rods)
  • Gun Dui Shuang Jian (Staff vs. Double Rods)
  • Qi Xing (Seven Stars Sequence)
  • Shan He (Fanning Crane Sequence)
  • Gong He (Arcing Crane Sequence)
  • Ba Mei Shou (Eight Petals Hands Sequence)
  • White Crane Techniques and Jin Patterns
  • Yao Gu (Shake the Drum Sequence)
Chinese Medicine Theory

Deepen your knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, diagnosis and treatment.

  • Chinese Medicine Theory:
    • Yin-Yang
    • Five Elements & Creation Cycles (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water)
    • Four Vital Substances (Qi, Blood, Jing & Body Fluids)
    • Twelve Zang Fu Organs & Organ Relationships
    • Six Extraordinary Organs
    • Twelve Meridians
    • Eight Vessels
    • TCM Pathology & Pathophysiology
  • Chinese Medicine Diagnosis:
    • Eight Principles Differentiation
    • Four Levels Differentiation
    • Six Stages Differentiation
    • Tongue & Pulse Diagnosis
    • Five Basic Diagnostic Methods (looking, listening, smelling, asking, and touching)
    • Zang Fu Organ Syndrome Patterns
    • 11 Treatment Methods
    • TCM Gynecology
  • Chinese Medicine Acupuncture:
    • Acupuncture Channels
    • Point Actions & Indications
    • Point Combinations
    • Acupuncture Point Charts
    • Channel Theory
    • Extra Points
    • Qi Flow
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine:
    • Actions & Indications
    • Properties
    • Temperatures
    • Tastes
    • Contraindications
    • Herbal Formulas
  • Chinese Medicine Diet & Lifestyle:
    • Food as Medicine & Herbs
    • Food Energetics and Diet Therapy
    • 24hr Body Clock
    • Emotional Balance & Harmony
    • Longevity & Cultivating a Healthy Body
    • Stress Relief
    • Pain Management
  • Medical Qigong:
    • 4 Seasons Qigong
    • 5 Animal Sports Qigong
    • 8 Brocades Qigong
    • Soft White Crane Qigong
    • Hard White Crane Qigong
    • Meridian Qigong
    • Qigong Meditation

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Chinese Medicine

  • Stress & Pain Relief
  • Cultivating Longevity
  • Mental Health & Emotional Balance
  • TCM Body Clock
  • Food as Medicine
  • Acupressure & Meridians
  • More Topics


  • 4 Seasons Qigong
  • 5 Animal Sports Qigong
  • 8 Brocades Qigong
  • Soft White Crane Qigong
  • Hard White Crane Qigong
  • Meridian Qigong
  • Qigong Meditation

Tai Chi

  • Yang-Style Classical Form
  • Yang-Style Taiji Sword, Saber, and Staff
  • Taijiquan Pushing Hands
  • Taijiquan 13 Postures
  • Taiji Ball Qigong

Martial Arts

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