Wish You Happiness (Lyrics)

Sending you a gift of love, I wish you happiness.
No matter when or where you are, don't forget my blessings.
There are ups and downs (sweet and bitter times) in the journey of life,
and a strong will is required.
Use your wisdom, work hard and sweat, and create your happiness.


Sòng nǐ yī fèn ài de lǐwù, wǒ zhù nǐ xìngfú.
Wúlùn nǐ zài héshí, huò shì zài hé chù, mò wàngle wǒ de zhùfú.
Rénshēng de lǚtú, yǒu gān yǒu kǔ, yào yǒu jiānqiáng de yìzhì.
Fāhuī nǐ de zhìhuì, liúxià nǐ de hàn zhū, chuàngzào nǐ de xìngfú.

3 Easy Stretches (Explanation)

These 3 stretches come from Dr. Zimmerman at Yoga Expo. He recommended doing stretches every 20 minutes or so, especially for those who are sitting long periods at their desk.

  1. Raise both arms in air, palms facing each other. Pretend you are reaching up and grabbing one bar at a time. It's a very slight movement. 3 x's on each side.
  2. Hold your shoulders (or sides of arms) and bend to the right 3 x's and then left 3 x's. Keep your hips and base of your spine stable.
  3. Put your palms on your back and look up. 3x's.

He doesn't have a video of these 3 stretches but here's another one of his easy stretching videos and why stretching is important:

The alternate arm swing, rotational stretch is shown in this video by Dr. Pedram Shojai. (Around 15:34)

The last "3 Gate" stretch was shown by Dr. Yingqiu Wang (Founder and Professor of University of East-West Medicine).

  • Widen your arms, with one arm in front and one in the back, and twist to one side. The intent is to target lower back, middle back, and neck to "open the 3 gates" as you do these stretches. Then to other side.

Hope this helps!

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