TCM Time Season Membership

Membership Privileges:

  • Unlimited classes: April-May 2021 (Spring)
  • Includes access to all live classes and recordings:
    Tuesdays 7:00-8:00PM EST: Tai Chi Ball Qigong: Wrap-Coiling & 1st Part Review
    Wednesdays 7:00-8:00PM EST: Tai Chi Sequence—3rd Part: Movements #63-73 & Silk Reeling
    Thursdays 7:00-8:00PM EST: 4 Seasons Medical Qigong: Spring Set (Liver Health)
    Saturdays 11:30AM-12:30PM EST: Tai Chi Sword: Movements #1-10 & Basic Techniques
    Sundays 1:00-2:00PM EST: Kung Fu: White Crane Hard Qigong & Bridge Hands
  • Enjoy lifetime access to the video library for all courses registered
  • 40% discount on all workshops

Course Details:

  • All courses are hosted live on Zoom. Join directly from your browser or download Zoom app for a better experience.
  • All classes will be recorded with approximately 50:50 recording time and interaction.
  • Students will not appear in the videos but voices may occasionally be recorded.
  • Registration includes lifetime access to the recordings in the video library using the same password as the course(s) registered.
  • After registration you will receive a unique password for each individual course.
  • Family members can share the same login access and membership; only one registration is needed per household.
  • Minimum required enrollment to run the course is 12 persons. Students will be notified of any cancellations prior to the course date and will be offered a full refund or transfer.

Courses are currently being held online on Zoom due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. You can join meetings directly from your browser or download Zoom app for a better experience. Zoom offers several tools to protect meetings including encryption of all audio, video, and screen sharing data as well as meeting access controls to prevent data in transit from being intercepted. Zoom does not have access to identifiable health information and have policies and controls in place to safeguard the collection, use, and disclosure of your information.

Even though every consideration will be taken to protect your confidentiality and privacy, sometimes it is not possible to prevent some circumstances from happening due to data breaches, cyber attacks, and security incidents involving Zoom. For more information: Read Security - Zoom

Early Bird Discount

TCM Time
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Early Bird Discount

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January-February 2021

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