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8 Brocades Medical Qigong
Grounding with Chinese Medicine Tools

Shift your focus to the present moment for anxiety, well-being, stress, depression, & more.

Self-Care with Taiji Ball Qigong
Emotional Harmony & Balanced Moods

Find your center. Soothe your Liver (anger) and Spleen (worry) for emotional harmony.

Cuppa Talks for Mental Health
Taiji Ball & Rolling with Resistance

A cuppa is Australian slang for a cup of tea or coffee. 🍵😊 Let’s grab a cuppa and catch up!

July 14th – August 11th

Just Around the Corner
Tai Chi | Push Hands | Medical Qigong | Grand Circulation Qigong

April 22nd, 2023

“We need to take care of nature, because nature takes care of everyone.”
—Jessica, 8 years old

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Apricot Jam | Podcast on Spotify

Listen to this fun interview with Apricot Jam hosts Lukas Wolf & Taran Rosenthal on traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, health tips and personal stories.

“Kathy is a remarkable woman who comes from a remarkable family. I especially like how she has embraced her culture and her heritage to bring all that wisdom to the West and use it to help people. Everyone around her benefits from knowing her. She is making her unique mark on this world, making it a better place for all of us.” —Jack Fried, Illinois, USA

Kathy is a fantastic teacher and a warm and wonderful person. I consider a privilege to be able to attend classes with her, and a great luck to be able to attend them online. Each class is a great experience of relaxation and knowledge. Kathy takes the time to explain in depth the subject and gives time to practice, feel, and to answer questions. I cannot recommend enough Kathy`s TCM Time.”
—Gustavo Peña, Nuevo León, MEXICO

“Every contact with Kathy nourishes my spirit. Today is the first day since my accident that I am not in pain. I finally feel my health shining through again and am eternally grateful to Kathy. The Lower Back Pain Qigong demo is helping me a lot (‘Arc the chest and tuck in the tailbone!’). Kathy’s web page offerings are almost irresistible, and I love the way she has organized the free content. Her sword ‘matching’, and also, long wood staff performances, with brother Nicholas are entertaining and inspiring. I wish her continuing great success, which I firmly believe is her future.” —Susan R, Manhattan, NY, USA

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