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“As I watched for the first time, one of Kathy’s free lessons on her TCM Time channel, it was like an enlightenment! Her beautiful and sunny energy emanate at each moment. This wonderful (inner and outer) smile is really contagious (this time in a positive sense… and so precious)! Together with her benevolence and kindness, it truly helps us to get relaxed in our mind and body. So, like many of her followers, I would like to say thank you, Kathy, for all what you are teaching us and for all you are and share with us!” —Jean G, Mulhouse, France

“Kathy brings such a loving, beautiful demeanor to her teaching, and it is lovely to feel that energy long after the class. We think it’s her magic ingredient! As many were expressing today after class, the world needs more LOVE in their daily lives, and to see more LOVE in martial arts training is a treat indeed. So, it was a pleasure to experience a teacher with a more loving mindset, yet still deliver effective martial principles. Thank you, Kathy, for all you do, and the energy that you bring to it!!!” —Allison & Allyn, Carpentersville, IL

“Kathy’s White Crane class was awesome! I loved how she started with the hug! It filled us with energy right from the beginning! It was so great to watch her Kung Fu White Crane Performance and to share a class with her students and people from all around the world! I will try to keep the energy she gave us today all the week! Looking forward to her next class! Merci Merci so much!” —Martine M, Villeneuve Saint Georges, France

All classes are currently held online due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
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