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Mental Health Workshops | February 18th-19th, 2023


Taiji Ball Qigong
Saturday, February 18th, 2023
2:00PM-3:30PM EST*

8 Brocades Medical Qigong
Sunday, February 19th, 2023
2:00PM-3:30PM EST*

*Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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Wishing you peace, longevity and prosperity—a year of hope
in the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rabbit!

Taiji Ball Qigong

Practice this gentle 20-minute daily routine for anxiety and stress relief.

8 Brocades Medical Qigong

Practice this relaxing 20-minute daily routine for calming & focusing the mind.

July 14 – August 11, 2023

Check out the latest revisions for his Qigong collection.
Summer Seminars Topics:
Taijiquan | Taiji Sword | Pushing Hands | Fighting Set | Medical Qigong | Grand Circulation Qigong

Let your health shine!

Apricot Jam | Podcast on Spotify

Listen to this fun interview with Apricot Jam hosts Lukas Wolf & Taran Rosenthal on traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, health tips and personal stories.

“I have attended several online lessons with Kathy Yang. I love the way she links all our moves to the organs and acupuncture points. She is very clear and conveys a wonderful energy online. She even manages to give specific corrections via Zoom. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and am very grateful for these classes.” —Ginny T, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Kathy is a uniquely talented teacher and explains very substantial things in a simple way that is easy to remember. She captures both the essence and the small important details. We enjoy all her lessons very much and find them helpful and relaxing, especially during the work stress and isolation of the pandemic. Kathy shares her positive energy and knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine from her heart around the world!” Radka and Radosveta, Sofia, BULGARIA and Stockholm, SWEDEN

“If you are looking to learn Tai Chi or Qigong, you have to study with Kathy Yang. Her teaching style and methods are awesome. They helped me not only to improve upon my skills, but also to absorb the deeper benefits of each practice. She makes it easy to learn and the results are felt immediately when you train. I highly recommend it.” —Ricardo Hercules, Fortaleza, BRAZIL, Tai Chi Chuan practitioner of 20+ years

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